The M-Lang Language Centre offers you organizing and delivering language trainings both for individual customers as well as for companies. Each course is specially designed to meet specific requirements of our clients.

We provide trainings in specialist English (business, financial, legal, medical) and in the general competence of the English language.

During the courses we pay special attention to communicative tasks and simulations as we believe that the main objective of learning a language is the ability to communicate with others. Our instructors create plenty of everyday situations our students may face while being abroad or talking to foreigners (“Survival English”).

Besides speaking, the focus of the course is on reading, writing and listening depending on the participants’ requirements and language proficiency.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced linguists and methodologists who make use of authentic materials, publications and books of highly regarded English language publishing houses.

We guarantee small learning groups, modern and effective teaching methods and a friendly atmosphere.


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M-Lang Language Centre is a group of perfectly trained linguists both translators, interpreters and teachers. We specialize in written and spoken translations as well as in foreign language trainings. All our clients are treated individually, therefore, the language courses we offer are specially prepared to meet the real language needs and requirements of our clients. We have extensive experience in many areas, from technical translation to legal translation and documentation with very specific terminology.