- English language courses for Adults
- English for Young Learners
- Teacher Development Courses

We offer you a wide range of language courses at prestigious schools of Great Britain and Malta. The courses are carried out during the whole year.


What is more, during summer and winter holidays we offer you a choice of language courses for kids and young learners. The courses combine expert teaching with a great variety of supervised sports and activities, well organised visits to interesting places, and a carefully planned social programme - so students enjoy a quality learning experience, from breakfast until bedtime.


We also offer an excellent range of Teacher Development courses which cover all aspects of English language teaching. Courses are adapted to your professional needs, and our friendly, qualified trainers are always available to offer expert advice.All courses are eligible for EU Comenius funding. Detailed information regarding the courses dates and prices is available in our office. Everybody interested in Bell courses will receive a brochure containing full information about this offer. M-Lang Language Centre will also be happy to help you choose the best course for you as well as to do all formalities connected with leaving for the course. You will find more information concerning Bell courses on Bell International website:


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M-Lang Language Centre is a group of perfectly trained linguists both translators, interpreters and teachers. We specialize in written and spoken translations as well as in foreign language trainings. All our clients are treated individually, therefore, the language courses we offer are specially prepared to meet the real language needs and requirements of our clients. We have extensive experience in many areas, from technical translation to legal translation and documentation with very specific terminology.